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Crandall Associates was founded in 1973 by Hal Crandall. He was the first executive search professional to recognize the emergence of direct marketing as a major marketing channel, and Crandall Associates was the first executive search firm solely dedicated to direct marketing. At the time, direct mail was the primary direct marketing channel. Over the years, direct marketing has expanded to include digital, search and even social media. Although our roots are in offline marketing direct marketing placement, we have expanded our practice to meet the ever growing demand for talent with online marketing expertise. These are exciting times.

In 2000, after Hal’s passing, I succeeded him as CEO of Crandall Associates. Hal used to joke that it took 3 generations to drive a family business into the ground. At least, I think it was a joke! As the second generation company leader, I have to say, “So far, so good”. Crandall Associates has continued to grow, and even thrive. From time to time, I visit a client for whom we have placed a substantial number of their staff, and seeing the positive effect we have made on that company, and the careers enriched of the individuals we have placed there, is so very rewarding. We work with companies large and small, from coast to coast. We pride ourselves on maintaining a personal touch in this hectic digital age.

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Wendy Crandall Weber,CEO
Crandall Associates, Inc.

Hal wit Crandall Associates

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Industry Events

Industry Events

November 1st & 2nd 2017
The Metropolitan Pavilion, New York
Technology has completely transformed the marketing landscape, empowering consumers and forcing brands to re-think how to deliver real value. Welcome to the Post-Advertising Era!

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