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    Emerging Trend

    June 21st, 2011

    We are seeing an interesting trend…Direct Marketing Operations professionals making a transition to Ecommerce. It seems like an unusual transition to me, going from being a Director of Operations to a VP of Ecommerce, but I’ve encountered 3 people who have done so!

    New Social Networking Sites & Apps

    June 13th, 2011

    What’s going on?

    In the last week or so, I have been made aware of 5 new social networking options. As a recruiter, I’m all about networking, online and off, but I question the need for additional online social networks . . . and from what I have been able to research about these, I have to see a compelling enough value proposition to add more clutter to my online life. One of the sites, and 2 apps, looked interesting. Here is a brief overview:

    I’ve received invitations from 3 people to join ReferralKey. Everyone’s invite has the subject line “Are you taking on new clients?” They promote themselves as a group that “lets small business owners easily share leads with trusted business associates via the web.”

    This group appears to be legitimate; they identify their management team on their website, and they post endorsements from Mashable, The Boston Globe and Constant Contact. This site looks like it might have some value.

    Also interesting is Branch Out, an app which leverages the power of your Facebook friend network to reveal potential professional contacts.

    Then there’s Face2Face, an app that helps you be social and multitask on-the-go. “We bring together your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Myspace, Foursquare, Orkut and many more networks all within one app.” This one could have real value.

    Another network I was invited to join was VentureStreet Business Network. They promote themselves as “A better way to find a local business.”

    Since we recruit nationally, this group would be of limited value to me personally. I was also troubled by the lack of tangible information on their website; no management team, no physical address. I am inclined to draw the conclusion that they are either unprofessional or shady.

    Then there’s FriendShare. Friend Share promotes themselves as “The online friends network.” This one might even be spam. It runs on the “Ning Network” which is “currently unavailable.” The only reason I mention it at all is that years ago when I began to receive Facebook invitations from business colleagues I didn’t take it seriously. I had a Facebook account, but I didn’t think of my account as something that would transcend into the business world. I later started accepting Facebook invites from business colleagues. So although it’s hard to tell which emerging social networks will be the “next big thing”, I’m betting FriendShare will not be it.

    If anyone has experience with these sites, I’d love to hear about it.

    Exactly What You Need To Do After Losing Your Job

    June 7th, 2011

    Picked up from BusinessInsider.com: Exactly What You Need to do After Losing Your Job.

    Day 1: Do Nothing.
    Day 2: Get your paperwork in order.
    Day 3: Reassess your career goals.
    Day 4: Cut your expenses.
    Day 5: Make a Job-Seeking plan.

    Marketing Headhunters NYC Event: DM Club NY June meeting

    June 2nd, 2011

    Today I attended the Direct Marketing Club of NY’s June luncheon at the Yale Club. The topic was Masters of Multichannel Engagement, with a team of top notch speakers:

    Jared Blank, VP Ecommerce for Tommy Hilfiger
    Adam Feifer, Director of Direct Marketing for Coach
    Mara Kelly, VP Marketing for Loehmann’s
    Gabriela Urvina, Marketing Manager for OneStopPlus.com/Redcats USA

    They discussed the mix of interactive and traditional direct strategies they utilize to drive channel sales in retail, online and catalog.

    10 Things HR Won’t Tell You About Your Resume

    June 1st, 2011

    This list, from Reader’s Digest Magazine, is actually quite on the mark.

    They are very blunt, but I do believe they are being truthful.