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Picture of an ecommerce marketing RecruiterAre you looking for an eCommerce marketing recruiter for your company or firm. If so, you need to read this.

Can you remember a time when eCommerce Marketing did not exist?

It wasn’t that long ago.  When the only way to make purchases was to go to your local retailer.  Deal with the crowds.  Wait on lines.

eCommerce Marketing has changed all that.  Now with the click of a button we have thousands of options.  But with all of those options, consumers don’t have to tolerate inconvenience anymore.  If your website is difficult to navigate…if your shopping cart is difficult to process…the customer is off to the next etailer.

It is easy to avoid these problems…if you hire the right eCommerce Marketing talent.  What is not so easy is finding the right hire for your organization!  It takes time, an understanding of the talent market, and the ability to speak the language of this marketing channel.  Because frankly, a good eCommerce marketer is in demand.  They have options.  They are likely being pursued by prospective employers on a regular basis.

A good executive search firm will know who the best eCommerce marketers are.  And have their ear.  Crandall Associates has been recruiting in this field since the digital economy first emerged.  So when we call, they listen.

If you have an open search for eCommerce marketing talent….or if you are one of the leaders in the field, ready to confidentially explore options…please reach out today.

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