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Frankly, we believe every direct and digital marketer should be registered with Crandall Associates.  We make you aware of the “hidden job market”…confidential searches and those that are not necessarily advertised publicly.  A great number of these come to us because of our relationships with executives with whom we have worked in the past.  You are interviewed by prospective employers who have made a substantial financial commitment to fill a position by engaging Crandall Associates.

Your privacy is assured. You keep a very low profile while exploring your options, because your identity is never revealed unless you give us specific authorization to present you to our client.  All communications are held in the strictest confidence.

Our client companies pay our fees; it costs you nothing to register with us.

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Tools of Titans

We tend to vacillate between admiring Tim Ferriss as a brilliant, original thinker and finding him to be self-indulgent and a bit bazaar...but we do continue to listen to his podcast and read his books. There is enough that is compelling in his message to make it worth our while.

Industry Events

Industry Events

Chris Ee, Lead Digital & Social Analyst for The Marketing Arm (div Omnicom), presented at the January meeting of the SMA Long Island.

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VP Ecommerce, San Francisco