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 Picture of a Marketing Headhunter from Crandall Associates
If you are looking for a Marketing Headhunter, either to fill a position in your organization, or to explore your own career options, Crandall Associates would like to speak with you.
We have been recruiting direct and ecommerce marketers since 1973 (well actually, the ecommerce part came later…), and our track record of success is unparalleled.

Recruiting is a time intensive process.  When an employee gives notice, you generally receive 2 weeks’ notice.  Trying to find an ideal replacement for your departing team member in such a short time frame is tough if you are starting from scratch.

The good news is, a marketing headhunter isn’t starting from scratch.  We have cultivated a network of contacts from coast to coast, so oftentimes we have qualified candidates at the ready to fill your open position.

We can identify the stars, and sniff out the pretenders.  When you have been immersed in marketing recruiting for over 40 years, you learn all the tricks to identifying the best talent.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Give us a call!  We work on a contingency basis, so if you do not feel our candidates are superior to the ones you identify on your own, it costs you nothing.  And ask about our money-back guarantee.

We welcome the opportunity to become acquainted today.

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We tend to vacillate between admiring Tim Ferriss as a brilliant, original thinker and finding him to be self-indulgent and a bit bazaar...but we do continue to listen to his podcast and read his books. There is enough that is compelling in his message to make it worth our while.

Industry Events

Industry Events

Chris Ee, Lead Digital & Social Analyst for The Marketing Arm (div Omnicom), presented at the January meeting of the SMA Long Island.

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