Mar 14, 2014

Direct and Digital Marketing National Salary Guide

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Features 56 job functions in both direct and digital marketing.



In this very competitive marketplace, it is essential to be aware of what kind of salaries others are paying. These are the only guides giving you up-to-date information on salaries your competitors now pay. You will find vital information on actual salaries in these Guides, allowing you to compare your salary structure with those of your competitors. This information is not available anywhere else.
The definitive source for Direct and Digital Marketing Salary information. This publication, available as a PDF, provides a wealth of information on the salaries that companies are paying in 56 job functions, ranging from marketing, to creative, to database, to account management and more. And, it provides you with over 50 regional variances. Equally important for small and large companies, you learn salaries paid to professionals in consumer and business-to-business multi-channel marketers.

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