What does Crandall Associates offer that other recruiting firms do not?

Though we do not know what other recruiting firms offer, we can tell you what seems to surprise those that work with us:

Testimonials from our clients:

  •  “We are not accustomed to receiving qualified candidates so quickly.”
  •  “You really understand the qualifications we are looking for.”
  •  “You take the time to learn about our organization, its mission, and how we operate.”
  •  “You understand the nuances of our business, and what type of employee will best match our unique needs.”
  •  “When it’s all said and done, Crandall Associates saves me considerable time and resources.”

Testimonials from our candidates:

  •  “You maintained open lines of communication throughout the interview process, and struck the right balance in moving things forward while allowing enough space for me to process and make my own decisions.”
  •  “You took no shortcuts in explaining the requirements of the job, as well as providing important background about the company. These insights are invaluable.”
  •  “Wendy is the best corporate recruiter l’ve ever worked with. You did a fantastic job from the beginning discovery phases all the way through to final offer negotiation.”
  •  “You really stand out, in a good way. Keep up the good work. You’re doing it right. :)”

What we’re reading

Tools of Titans

We tend to vacillate between admiring Tim Ferriss as a brilliant, original thinker and finding him to be self-indulgent and a bit bazaar...but we do continue to listen to his podcast and read his books. There is enough that is compelling in his message to make it worth our while.

Industry Events

Industry Events

Chris Ee, Lead Digital & Social Analyst for The Marketing Arm (div Omnicom), presented at the January meeting of the SMA Long Island.

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